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Cured in Place Pipelining/Trenchless Sewer Rehab


Flynn Brothers is the go-to source for sewer rehab projects in most of the eastern half of the United States. We are one of a few select companies in the nation with the technology and expertise to install this product efficiently install fiberglass ultra-violet cured in place pipe. CIPP, or cured in-place pipe, is a reliable, trenchless solution that is long-lasting, fast-curing, and cost-competitive. It is a fiberglass reinforced pipe liner that is over seven times stronger than typical felt liners. infused resin that coats and repairs the inside of sewer pipes. Cured with UV light, CIPP is strong, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. In many cases, UV-CIPP forms a smoother surface than concrete or clay pipe, increasing the water flow. With UV-CIPP, you can measure your sewer rehab project in hours instead of days. Ultra-Violet CIPP is an affordable, long-term solution for aging sewer, water, storm, and industrial pipelines.

Flynn Brothers is a proud installer of SAERTEX-LINER®.

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