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After graduating from Bellarmine College in 1973, brothers John and Jesse Flynn began patching asphalt and paving driveways out of the bed of a pick-up truck over the summers to supplement their teaching incomes.  By 1980, when younger brother Ed Flynn joined the company, the firm was well beyond their humble roots.  In 1982 Jim Rice joined the company as a partner, bringing with him his reputation and experience in engineering and construction.  In 2004, Flynn Brothers Contracting, Inc. became an employee owned company.

Since those humble beginnings of shoveling asphalt from the back of a pick-up truck, Flynn Brothers Contracting has expanded to include asphalt material sales and site preparation and construction.  Since those early days, Flynn Brothers Contracting has grown to become a regional leader in asphalt paving and site construction.  We are one of the largest site contractors in Metro Louisville, Kentucky with over 200 employees.4u5v5n3s