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Why Choose Flynn?

We are usually the first contractor on the scene for projects ranging from distribution centers and big box retailers to municipal and highway road projects.  We believe in commitment to your project, professionalism, and getting the job done right. We take pride in our work, because we’re an employee-owned company – we all have a stake in the success of your project.

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What do we do?

Flynn Brothers Contracting, one of the the largest site contractors in Jefferson County, Kentucky, provides an array of professional contracting services, including:

  • Asphalt Paving
  • Sitework & Utility Construction
  • Green Construction

Asphalt Paving

The road to success is always under construction, and with two asphalt plants, 48+ years of experience Flynn has the technical knowledge to provide custom asphalt solutions. We are one of the region’s leading asphalt paving companies. Our services include:

  • Roads & Highways
  • Asphalt Plants
  • Trucking
  • Milling
  • Commercial & Residential Developments
  • Snow Removal

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Sitework & Utility Construction

Flynn Brothers Contracting is the first on the job, handling the heavy construction needs of our clients. From land clearing and mass earthwork to blasting, crushing, & rock trenching to concrete structures, utility construction, and sanitary sewer construction, we will complete your project on time and on budget. Our sitework & Utility Construction services include:

  • Mass Earthwork
  • Excavating & Grading
  • Utility Construction
  • Landfill Construction
  • Concrete Construction
  • Wetlands Construction
  • Blasting, Crushing & Rock Trenching
  • Cured in Place Pipelining/Trenchless Sewer Rehab

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Green Construction

At Flynn Brothers Contracting, we strongly believe in minimizing our impact on the environment and helping our clients do the same. We use recyclable materials wherever possible, including recycled asphalt and aggregate materials. We can also produce and install pervious asphalt pavements to minimize run-off and erosion. In addition, we are experienced at wetlands, rain gardens, and bio swale construction.

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Got last season’s leftover potholes and cracks? Paving in a place where hot mix is a hassle? Make the job as fast and easy as cold mix—and guaranteed permanent. EZ Street cold asphalt cuts the cost of permanent road repairs in half with 1-2-3 simplicity:

  1. Sweep out the pothole.
  2. Pour EZ Street cold asphalt in the pothole.
  3. Compact it. You’re done forever. A 100% guaranteed permanent asphalt repair without the hassle of returning with hot mix.

And the big bonus? This proprietary, polymer-modified product even works in water. Got a water-filled pothole? Just throw it in and compact it. Easy as derby pie. Available in bags and bulk, EZ Street cold asphalt stockpiles for 6 months to a year. It’s ready to work whenever you are. EZ Street Asphalt: showing potholes who’s boss.

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EZ Street Sales
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